How do I enroll in the course?
You must click on the 'Purchase Course' button on the Course page and follow through with the Checkout process.
How do I access the course after enrolling?
When you enroll, you automatically receive an email containing your Zestchest username and password and a link to the Login page. After logging in, click on 'My Courses' to view your course. You may view the course repeatedly in your account!
I don’t have a background in Chemistry. Will I still be able to make the products?
Anyone can make any skin care or hair care product. The act of making the products involves the knowledge of what each ingredient does and in what proportion one might add them. The course teaches you that.
After I complete the tutorials, can I view them again later?
Yes you can. There is no limit on the number of times you can watch each tutorial over the access period. The reason we allow this is so that you may have the ability to simultaneously view the demonstrations and make the products, and hence never go wrong.
What is the duration of the course?
There is no such thing as duration. How long it takes to learn depends on your own personal grasping power. You may learn at your own pace.
Do we need a lot of equipment or machinery?
No! You will need an accurate weighing scale mainly. Apart from this you will need basic utensils and maybe a hand held mixer or moulds depending on the course. We guide you where to procure them as well.
Are natural ingredients used?
Yes we teach you how to use natural and naturally derived ingredients.
Where will I find the ingredients?
The course provides details of raw material suppliers, who deliver to you anywhere in the country.
Do the suppliers sell in small quantities?
Yes. We have shortlisted only those suppliers who sell in small quantities.
What is the shelf life of the various products?
1 year for the products that contain water and 2 years for the products that don't contain any water.  
Can I sell the products I learn how to make?
Yes the products we have designed are market-ready and both the ingredients used and the formulations themselves meet the standards of the most stringent cosmetic regulations across the world.

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