"...Thanks for all the help you guys. The variety is a real treat and your effort really really shows. As for your question about the journey, one thing I thoroughly enjoyed was creating a pretty little nook for myself at home where I can make all this stuff. I love how it looks and it smells like heaven with all the fragrances and essential oils. Such a treat. Thanks again."
Evie Kelly
Legal Eagle | About To Launch Her Brand
"Blessed to learn from Zestchest, as my creative side was explored and properly channeled with pin point accuracy. Soma's (The Zestchest Course Designer) courses give you a complete experience and she has really thought of every little detail before designing the course. "
Sangeeta Agrawal
Entrepreneur | Mother Of Two Grown Angels!
"In my search for a perfect coach for soap making and other cosmetics one day I found Zestchest on FB at random. Already being plundered by a few before, I was very anxious before joining Zestchest. However, after a long conversation with Mesheer, I finally chose to join. And I must say, Zestchest's course is super. The Teacher is a knowledgeable personality who makes fantastic courses."
Anagha Jayakar
Entrepreneur | Mother Of Two Little Angels!
"I'm in love with your demonstrations. I am addicted to them. The teacher's voice in the demonstrations is immensely comforting. Thank you for all the knowledge and please somehow keep me informed about your future course launches."
Zoe Janowicz
Post Graduate
"Your course structure is really easy to follow. Lot of thought has gone into it, that can be clearly seen. Grateful for this."
Lalita Chetan
Hobbyist | Proud Homemaker
"Detailed formulations, and beautiful, professional videos. The course was really designed beautifully."
Baishakhi Bhattacharjee
Hobbyist | Banker
"Zestchest makes the best courses out there. The level of knowledge the teacher has to be able to make these courses is just phenomenal."
Romita Singha
Entrepreneur | Fashion Designer
"...enrolling has been a great decision. There is a lot of detail and at the same time everything is easy to understand. Thank you for the guidance..."
Entrepreneur | Proud Homemaker
"The videos are easy to understand, and the focus on covering everything is appreciated. Kudos"
Meena Aftab
Hobbyist | IT Recruiter
"...you really have a responsive and friendly support team! Please thank everyone for their effort!"
Anjana R.
Hobbyist | Content Writer

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